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We are a HACCP and ISO22000-certified manufacturer and retailer of food products. We are the supplier of broths, gravies, drinks and desserts to F&B brands in Singapore and in China. In addition, we provide OEM services, customisation of recipes and packaging for B2B customers. With our own frozen warehouse on-site and an in-house delivery team, we can cater to any operational or logistical demand.

With 11 factories across Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan – you can rely on us to support you in your overseas expansion plans. Our in-house R&D team is able to customize and tweak recipes according to your requirements. We are the one-stop solution for all your F&B needs!

Why choose us?

- Ensure your food is consistent without compromising on taste and quality
- Save on labour & operational cost
- Maximize efficiency: focus on serving more customers (and doing more sales!) while reducing food
- prep time
- Enjoy restaurant-standard food quality
- Recipe is exclusive to you
- High standards of hygiene

Services available:

  • OEM: you can use your own recipe or ours
  • Bulk purchase
  • Central kitchen services: fully equipped kitchen for all your needs
  • Export
  • Distribution

We recognize that all businesses have different needs. We can customize packing size, flavours, etc. depending on your requirements.

B2B Services

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